How to Take Care of Your Blind and Deaf Dog

The worst thing that can happen to your canine friend when it is still alive is, losing both its sight and hearing. The bad news is, if your dog is lucky to live up to old age, this is something you must be prepared for. Fortunately, there is always a solution, and your dog can still enjoy its life if you follow the right steps.

This post will share some effective tips on how to live with dogs that are both blind and deaf. But before that, remember that blind and deaf dogs rely on two senses that are touch and smell. These two senses will help them know when their owner is near so that they can get close to you. The point is, they are not completely helpless. You will just need to follow the right steps to ensure that it is safe, healthy and happy.

Caring for your blind and deaf dog

  1. Don’t change the routine

The most exciting thing about dogs is that they will want to continue living their lives normally even if they can’t sense anything. They will want to get out, walk around and feed the same place and time. But since it can’t see or hear, this won’t be much easier, so you will have to guide it. You can use a line to guide it to where it used to eat, take it walking as usual and more. Changing the routine will just make his life harder.

  1. Prioritize safety

Blindness and deafness won’t stop your dog from walking around the house or compound as usual. So, if you are fond of leaving things on your dog’s path, leaving pools open and doing things carelessly, it is time you changed that. Make sure that there is nothing sharp on its pathway that it can run into such as hangers, metals and more. Cover any sharp edge using a padding material such as those used to baby-proof homes. Also, remember to put some barriers around your pools to prevent your dog from accidentally getting into the pool. Do the same for fireplaces.

  1. Give it space

Your dog won’t be able to find things it needs in its daily life if space you give it is limited. Besides this will expose it to dangerous items that can harm it. So create some large space in your house or compound. While doing this remember to maintain the position of dishes, pet bed, toys and more. With a large space, it will also be able to play without risking an injury.

  1. Use leashes at all times

One funny thing about dogs is that their blindness or deafness won’t prevent them from wandering off your compound. Once they catch the scent of other dogs, they will leave your compound and follow it. If not watched, they can get injured by other dogs or get hit by a car. Keep in mind; it is deaf and blind, meaning that it won’t be able to hear or see anything coming and react to it. I would suggest that you have collars around its neck or harnesses around its chest.

  1. Give it an ID tag

A dog that can’t hear or see won’t be able to find its way back home when it is lost and that is why you are always advised to keep it indoors. But since you won’t want to prevent it from enjoying its life, it is advisable that you identify it with a microchip or a collar. Doing this will make it easy for a person who comes across it to identify its owner and home so that he or she can bring it back to you. On the tag, ensure that you’ve indicated that it is deaf and blind so that a person who find it will notice and react faster to save it.

Additional tips

  • Don’t let them go outside alone, but also don’t keep them indoors all the time. Take them outing, dog walking and more.
  • Allow it to walk more often – If you are fond of carrying your dog, it won’t be able to know where it is or supposed to go more often.
  • Let your neighbors know about its problem – If they know, it will be easy to save it when it gets out without your knowledge.


Keep in mind; it is the same dog you loved before. You can still train your dog following the guide at dog obedience training Being blind and deaf just means it won’t be able to do many things it was able before. And for that reason, it will need great care. So, make sure it is safe, give it the right foods and most importantly, play with it.